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HIII! The magnificent, long-awaited, foretold in legends, Overhaul's Configuration Update is now here for everyone to enjoy! Players will now be able to configure the mod in its entirety in-game via a very accessible user interface, complete with option descriptions, some image previews, and a handy search function! Not only that, but the screen even features video previews for some of the mod's features, making it also excellent for familiarizing oneself with what Overhaul has to offer. Special thanks to @justreq for taking big part in creating this interface!

Date: March 31, 2024
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

HELLO! TModLoader for Terr*ria 1.4.4 is out now, and so is this Overhaul update that introduces support for it, and which also brings:

  • Feature decoupling, which makes Overhaul affect 9000.1% more items;
  • Initial archery overhaul - shoot arrows, charge arrows, fly around thanks to arrows;
  • Tree falling animations 2.0 - Dear god;
  • Reworked enemy "stun" mechanics;
  • Brand new muzzleflashes, with 9 times more frames, and dynamic coloring;
  • Dynamically generated player character gore, and other relating improvements;
  • Very important bugfixes, such as one for the inability to pet cats and dogs. And the Wall of Flesh battle will no longer be ruined by explosives too.

Date: October 21, 2023
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

An update introducing serious core improvements, as well as support for 1.19.3+ versions of Minecraft.

Date: December 27, 2022
Tags: #Minecraft, #Minecraft-CameraOverhaul, #Mods

Greetings, and merry Christmas! Today's new Overhaul beta update improves pretty much every area of the mod, bringing forth an insane finalization of broadsword combat, a new dodgeroll counterattack feature, a full camera rewrite, funky improvements to present movement features, and a handful of tiny additions and tweaks that all make a huge impact.

The mod's 5.0 release feels not that far away. Next betas will focus solely on reimplementing the tiny-and-not missing features.

(EDIT 2022.12.25: Hotfix 12B added.)
(EDIT 2023.03.11: Coldpatch 12C added.)

Date: December 24, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

Hey! Straight to the point - this release marks the start of Overhaul 5.0 finally not being a pain to install. Since the previous post, and as promised in it, I've worked extra hard for many days to ensure that 1.4 tModLoader doesn't "launch" (go 'default' on steam -- that's today! hopefully! maybe tomorrow??? who knows!!! the TML team doesn't!!!) without the capabilities to run Overhaul on it. So, that's done, and Overhaul will now be published on Steam Workshop, with compatibility with both Stable and Preview TML versions! That's not all - I've also addressed some of the glaring issues that were found in the last beta (you did it! you've found multiplayer bugs!), added music pack & configuration buttons to main menu, and re-added the monster banner rework from 1.3.

(EDIT 2022.06.04: TModLoader 1.4 has now launched as the default! Post updated with 11B version, GitHub releases, and better instructions.)
(EDIT 2022.06.06: Version 11C added.)
(EDIT 2022.06.20: Version 11D added, with pretty important fixes.)
(EDIT 2022.06.30: Version 11E added, with a few also important fixes.)
(EDIT 2022.09.11: Version 11F added, with a ton of accumulated fixes, multiplayer config synchronization, and a few new config options.)

Date: June 2, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

Hello there!
Today's beta update accumulates two new big features, 15+ bugfixes (including ones related to multiplayer stability) and many little touch-ups, in addition to updating TML, at which the team and I have been working quite hard in the past months. Multiplayer experience with this build should now be as good as vanilla's, I claim. So bring a buddy, prove me wrong.

Date: May 17, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

Hey! It's been a while since I posted here, one might even say that a whole year has passed! As usual, it wasn't me taking breaks, but working too much on other projects - my game engine, a secret game you'll love one day, tModLoader, and some other stuff. With that said, there's definitely not just a week of work in this beta, but plenty of accumulated improvements I hope you'll all love as much as I do now.

FIX1: Fixed the mod not working on servers; Updated TML.

Date: January 20, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

An update introducing general improvements & support for 1.17 and 1.18 versions of Minecraft.

Date: October 21, 2021
Tags: #Minecraft, #Minecraft-CameraOverhaul, #Mods

Greetings. Straight to the point, this week's/month's/eternity's beta's main focus is continuing experiments with mana drops. They have been made a ton more simple than in the previous version, no longer being based on the source weapon's mana usage, which didn't make a lot of game design sense. Additionally, mana will now drop from all types of attacks, not just magic ones, allowing mage players to switch to another weapon when they run out of mana to quite quickly refill their resources instead of just trying to avoid death until regeneration is over.

EDIT1: Updated TML download link to fix issues with the mod not appearing in Mods list.
EDIT2: Updated TML again to include many stability improvements from the Steam TML 1.4 Alpha, as well as Workshop support. Note that many mods from the workshop will not work, only the simplest ones will.
EDIT3: Replaced TML download with a MEGA link, since apparently GitHub actions' artifacts can expire.

Date: July 19, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

Hey. I'll be quick with the summary. There hasn't been a beta for a while, since I've been quite busy with TML & my engine, and haven't had a real theme with the commits I did for Overhaul, until now that is.

The biggest new thing is that vast configuration is finally happening on 1.4. I've implemented a new configuration design, in which it should be way easier to add new config entries. Additionally, localization is now a thing on the 1.4 branch, using the new HJSON file format (the H is for Human) available for TML. Note that there's still no GUI for configuration.

Date: June 14, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

In this beta, I messed with 3 things I wanted to/should've messed with since a long time ago: wall-based outdoors sound occlusion, a more purist-friendly player movement system hybrid, and gun recoil. The latter is highly experimental, so feedback on it is more welcome than ever. In the future, I will start removing random spread on most guns when recoil is enabled.

Date: May 12, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

FIX1: Updated TML nightly build to use debug configuration (not sure why it was 'release'), fixed the mod's code injections crashing on TML release configuration. Redownload TML together with Overhaul.

Greetings. With this brand new beta, I've been having quite too much fun meddling with new features that were recently made possible by the long-awaited merge of TML's biggest GitHub pull request ever, one that:

  • Moves the game from Mono & .NET Framework 4.5 to the .NET 5 runtime, automatically fixing unix-specific bugs and introducing C# 9.0;
  • Moves the game from the XNA Framework to the FNA Framework;
  • Makes the game 64-bit by default;
  • Unifies all platform-specific releases into a single cross-platform executable;
  • Merges the client and server executables into one to reduce size and developer hassles;
Date: April 29, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

This rather late beta brings an experimental mana overhaul, a basic magic weapon overhaul, a reimplementation of health drops, the return of the crosshair (with finally added outlines), and some fixes.

Date: April 11, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

Overhaul's third beta is here, and it finalizes (for now!) the new broadsword combat, reintroducing charged attacks and killing blows (now they're true to their name!), improving in-air melee combat again, and improving ALL combat & gore audio by a ton. Also fixes some horrible issues.

The result is quite fun.

Date: March 19, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

The second beta is here, bringing a preview of the new epic melee combat, perfected muzzleflashes for guns, and a few other changes and additions.

EDIT: Backported some fixes to this beta for the public to not wait a week to see them.
Be sure to redownload tModLoader too when updating the mod.

Date: March 6, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

Here comes the first of many beta releases for 5.0 Overhaul for 1.4 tModLoader (which will be included with every release until 1.4 TML is released).

5.0 is a complete rebuild of the mod. I've started with an empty project folder, and then started moving in features one by one while ensuring good-to-flawless code and game design quality for them. The standards for everything are far higher now, so many features from old Overhaul may not return, or will at least end up very different.

Overhaul's betas will be released every few or so months, up until the mod reaches approximate parity with its previous versions. Everyone can also just compile the mod themselves, as the rebuild is open source.

Starting features

  • (!) Jump key buffering and a new addition: forced-on auto-jump.
  • (!) New and improved NPC blood and gore.
  • (!) Improved grappling hook swinging physics.
  • (!) New and improved decals.
  • (!) Now-automatic gun overhauls with improved audio, screenshake, and bullet/shell casings.
  • Camera improvements.
  • Footstep sounds.
  • Movement changes.
  • Bunnyhopping.
  • Players facing the mouse cursor.
  • Velocity-based rotation for players.
  • Walljumps and wallrolls.
  • Climbing.
  • Melee weapons audio.
  • Other things.

Date: February 27, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods

An update introducing support for all fabric-supported MC versions.

Date: December 25, 2020
Tags: #Minecraft, #Minecraft-CameraOverhaul, #Mods

An update introducing ModMenu support.

Date: December 24, 2020
Tags: #Minecraft, #Minecraft-CameraOverhaul, #Mods

Hey. If you've ever been to Terraria Overhaul's Discord server, then there's a 1% chance that you might've heard of the mythical 'Minecraft Overhaul' that I may or may not have attempted to make about a year ago. I've recently felt like throwing away a day of my life into the horrible abyss that is java development, to split and rewrite a part of that mod into another, smaller one, and the following is the result...

Date: December 8, 2020
Tags: #Minecraft, #Minecraft-CameraOverhaul, #Mods