Terraria Overhaul v5.0 BETA 6: it's probably better.

In this beta, I messed with 3 things I wanted to/should've messed with since a long time ago: wall-based outdoors sound occlusion, a more purist-friendly player movement system hybrid, and gun recoil. The latter is highly experimental, so feedback on it is more welcome than ever. In the future, I will start removing random spread on most guns when recoil is enabled.



  • Somewhat fixed UseItem completely misbehaving in multiplayer. This caused the bug seen in Overhaul where remote clients firing weapons would cause tons of screenshake and other effects, as if they're firing the weapon every game frame. + Other multiplayer related fixes.
  • Added support for easily loading resourcepacks and maps downloaded from the vanilla workshop. Fixed issues with resourcepacks' textures.

5.0 BETA 6


  • Redid player physics. Now more vanilla-like, with vanilla jump height and more air control. Jump key holding physics has been added back and rewritten, and jumps are way smoother than in vanilla.
  • Experimental: Added gun recoil. Let me know what you think after trying it out. In the future, this will let me remove random spread from many guns, like the miniguns.
  • Reimplemented the audio ambience system. Currently has 4 audio tracks for 3 different biomes.
  • Implemented low pass filtering-based wall occlusion of outdoors ambient sounds. You will no longer hear birds so clearly while indoors or in a cave.


  • New grass, dirt and stone footstep sounds that I find less jarring.


  • Fixed "projectile enemies" being able to drop health and mana.
  • Fixed the ChunkSystem sometimes freezing on mod unload.


TerrariaOverhaul (1.4 / v5.0-beta-6): MEGA
(Custom) tModLoader (1.4_mergedtesting / 26a7372): nightly.link

  • Not an official tModLoader Release or Beta.
  • Always update tModLoader together with Overhaul.


tModLoader Installation:

  • Video Tutorial by Nikonade
  • Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder that is itself located next to Terraria. Example: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/tModLoader_1_4
  • To launch it, use start-tModLoader.bat. Or the .sh script, if you're on Linux or Mac.

Mod Installation:

  • Extract the .tmod file from the zip into the following OS-specific directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%/Documents/My games/Terraria/ModLoader/Beta/Mods
    Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/ModLoader/Beta/Mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/ModLoader/Beta/Mods


Date: May 12, 2021
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods