Terraria Overhaul v5.0 BETA 12(C): the goodening

Greetings, and merry Christmas! Today's new Overhaul beta update improves pretty much every area of the mod, bringing forth an insane finalization of broadsword combat, a new dodgeroll counterattack feature, a full camera rewrite, funky improvements to present movement features, and a handful of tiny additions and tweaks that all make a huge impact.

The mod's 5.0 release feels not that far away. Next betas will focus solely on reimplementing the tiny-and-not missing features.

(EDIT 2022.12.25: Hotfix 12B added.)
(EDIT 2023.03.11: Coldpatch 12C added.)


5.0 BETA 12C


  • Reduced mages' Mana Absorption passive's max multiplier from 11.0 to 5.0, with its required speed reduced from 30.0 to 15.0. The reason for this is that 5.0 is usually the maximum multiplier that people could reach, and there's little need in suggesting that they try to go even faster.
  • Improved coloring of melee damage text and the Hack and Slash passive: removed green shades since people thought that they were sometimes healing enemies, widened white shades' range.
  • Fast-firing bows' audio will now stack instead of being abruptly reset all the time.
  • Slightly slowed down Mana Absorption passive's icon pulse rate.


  • Fixed another typo in Journey mode scaling fixes, this time resulting in lowest stats being used when Master difficulty values are selected in Journey mode's customization.
  • Fixed bows using extreme screenshake intensity values.
  • Fixed enemies bleeding more than intended due to some code accidentally getting duplicated. The removal of that also fixes the fix to worms bleeding excessively. Oops.
  • Fixed blood spawning in place of cloudy dust when Blood & Gore is disabled in vanilla settings.
  • Prevented a seemingly impossible concurrency error in decal code from ever happening. This game has no concurrency, and yet this was reported.
  • Fixed a rare IndexOutOfRangeException that could occur when dodgerolling while on a grappling hook.
  • Fixed many screenshakes being global (positionless) in multiplayer.


  • Optimized decal addition code to perfection, minimized reallocations and GC stress.


  • Added Melee.EnableSwingVelocity option.
  • Added Ambience.EnableAudioFiltering option. Set that to false if your game is crashing when entering a world.


  • Chinese - PR #173 by Cyrillia.
  • Polish - PR #172 by J00niper.

5.0 BETA 12B


  • Increased minimal Journey player damage scale from 0.33 to 0.625 (half of I'm Too Young To Mine.)


  • (!) Fixed a bad typo in IL injection code resulting in projectile-to-player damage failure. Oopsie doopsie.
  • (!) Fixed a big difficulty-agnostic balance issue introduced by the Journey fix.
  • (!) Fixed #171 - Ranged config entries having wrong default values.
  • To address the aftermath of the above issue properly, floating point number config values will be reset to their proper default values.
  • Ensured correct unloading of difficulty rebalance systems.

5.0 BETA 12


  • Added "Critical Judgement" - A brand new counter mechanic that rewards players with a critical strike in a short time window after they avoid damage with a dodgeroll. It also turns your eye into a LED light.
  • Added Bunnyhop + Dodgeroll combination - #139.
  • Added a tooltip to grappling hooks that hints that the grapple key can be held down for a classic pull.
  • Added a feature of music playback position synchronization.
  • Reimplemented boss death music pausing.
  • Added tiny screenshakes for enemies getting hurt and killed.
  • Reimplemented GoreStay from 1.3. Toggleable.
  • Improved gore interaction, added splash force to bullet impacts.
  • Added bullet & ice decals.
  • Added a tiny toggleable tweak that causes the OS cursor to be displayed when interface is disabled.


  • Rewrote and improved everything about the camera features - #168.
  • Heavily improved melee swing velocity, now respects player movement input - #137 (and many commits after that.)
  • Enemy velocity no longer stacks indefinitely from knockback. Fixes shotguns launching demon eyes to space.
  • Melee air combat completely reworked:
    • Now uses player movement input in place of attack direction. This is much more predictable, natural, and leaves the player in control.
    • No longer reduces knockback done to enemies while mid air, which had to be done due to the aforementioned knockback stacking.
    • The above changes result in the players now being able to keep themselves above enemies even by striking downwards, or even push themselves away from the enemies they're attacking. Experiment!
    • Now enabled on hammers, not sure why it wasn't.
  • Reworked and rebalanced melee velocity-based damage:
    • Reduced world view bloat: hitting enemies no longer creates separate "combat text" lines.
    • Added a visual buff that shows the current effectiveness factor and the damage multiplier.
    • Rebalanced to straightforward and slightly nerf melee. Damage mltiplier now capped in [1.0, 2.0] range, mapped to player speed range of [0.9, 12.0], all subject to changes.
    • Improved damage text coloring.
  • Ledge climbing will now preserve player velocity, is now a tone more fluid.
  • Added Bunnyhop Combos, reworked Bunny Paw - #140.
  • New health & mana pickup sounds - Closes #113.
  • Heavily improved life & mana pickup visuals.
  • Broadswords' Killing Blows can no longer occur more than once per swing.
  • Ambience: Improved bird & cricket audio.
  • Ambience: Bird audio is now tied to the amount of nearby trees.
  • Ambience: All booleans that dictated presence of ambience tracks are now replaced with smooth floating point factors.
  • Increased the Mop's effectivity against gore.
  • Made the mop use a texture for decal clearing. Now more effective, too.
  • Decals will now be cleared from doors when they open.
  • Decals will now be cleared from tiles that become surrounded (Might be inconssistent.)


  • Improved compatibility friendliness of grappling hook physics code.
  • Fixed slashes appearing for noMelee weapons.
  • Fixed melee animations not checking for useStyle in realtime.
  • Fixed melee gore interaction not checking for noMelee boolean.
  • Fixed HoldOut animations lingering on weapons that swap animation types.
  • Fixed melee mana experiments breaking "AltUse shoot" weapons, like Thorium's Valadium Slicer.


  • Fixed #101 - Binoculars & other camera offsets do not work.
  • Fixed #119 - Smooth Camera doesn't handle teleports, reveals map areas.
  • Fixed #159 - Enemies that pick up spare coins drop too many coins when killed near a banner.
  • Fixed journey mode using wrong difficulty values.
  • Fixed a rare load-time threading error.
  • Fixed the Mop and a few other weapons not interacting with gore & gibs.
  • Fixed explosions accelerating their own particles into bottom right direction.
  • Fixed some vanilla grappling hooks not emitting lights and other effects after latching onto a tile.


  • PR #157 by BAMcSH - Added bool config to toggle air combat functionality.
  • PR #166 by Hoabs - Added config option to enable/disable difficulty tweaks.
  • Added Enemies.EnableEnemyLunges option.


  • Localization files in the GitHub repository will now be refreshed based on English strings automatically on mod rebuild, making the development and localization contribution processes a lot more convenient.
  • Main menu overlays are now localizable.
  • Brazilian Portuguese - PR #135 by Pixelnando.
  • Chinese - PRs #112, #131 and #170 by Cyrillia, PR #130 by ZHAI10086.
  • French - PR #134 by orian34.
  • German - PRs #115 and #133 by Foxx-l and CriddleZap.
  • Polish - PRs #141 and #142 by J00niper.
  • Russian - PRs #138 and #158 by Snoop1CatZ69 and Blueberryy.
  • Spanish - PRs #120 and #132 by Wolf-Igmc4.


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Steam Mod Installation:

  • Subscribe to the mod on Steam Workshop;
  • Enable it in Workshop -> Manage Mods.

Manual Mod Installation:

  • Extract the .tmod file from the zip's Stable folder into the following OS-specific directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%/Documents/My games/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
  • For Legacy 1.4.3 TML - use the -1.4.3-suffixed TML folder.
  • For Preview TML - use the -preview-suffixed TML folder.


Date: December 24, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods