Minecraft CameraOverhaul v1.0(.1)!

An overly compressed showcase:

Hey. If you've ever been to Terraria Overhaul's Discord server, then there's a 1% chance that you might've heard of the mythical 'Minecraft Overhaul' that I may or may not have attempted to make about a year ago. I've recently felt like throwing away a day of my life into the horrible abyss that is java development, to split and rewrite a part of that mod into another, smaller one, and the following is the result...

What's this?!

CameraOverhaul is a clientside Minecraft mod that attempts to improve overall satisfaction of the game through the introduction of various camera rotations, to emphasize on the player's movement and improve visual feedback. Strafing and turning around will tilt the camera sideways. Jumping, falling, and moving forward/backwards will affect the camera's pitch.





  • Initial release.


  • Marked the mod as client-side only, which should make it be ignored on servers (Thanks, altrisi!)

MinecraftOverhaul never.

Date: December 8, 2020
Tags: #Minecraft, #Minecraft-CameraOverhaul, #Mods