Terraria Overhaul v5.0 BETA 13(C): the overhauling

HELLO! TModLoader for Terr*ria 1.4.4 is out now, and so is this Overhaul update that introduces support for it, and which also brings:

  • Feature decoupling, which makes Overhaul affect 9000.1% more items;
  • Initial archery overhaul - shoot arrows, charge arrows, fly around thanks to arrows;
  • Tree falling animations 2.0 - Dear god;
  • Reworked enemy "stun" mechanics;
  • Brand new muzzleflashes, with 9 times more frames, and dynamic coloring;
  • Dynamically generated player character gore, and other relating improvements;
  • Very important bugfixes, such as one for the inability to pet cats and dogs. And the Wall of Flesh battle will no longer be ruined by explosives too.

See the full changelogs below.

The next update, 14th, will focus on finishing and introducing this amazing looking configuration screen, as well as adding all the options. All of them. And some time after that - 5.0 release? With a new trailer???


5.0 BETA 13C


  • Opening doors with dodgerolls will now deal high-knockback damage to entities.
  • Added velocity-based tilting (rotation offset) effects to enemies and NPCs, previously only seen on player characters. Toggled by the Visuals.EnableEnemyTiltingEffects config entry.


  • Heavily improved combat info tooltips. They now have far more information and feature formatting and color highlighting. They were also added to Hammers, Axes and Pickaxes.
  • Changed mana pickups' particles, fixed these particles being influenced by the local player's movement.
  • Changed how the Accessibility.ForceAutoReuse option works. Now it will only exist to make the vanilla global auto-reuse option that was added in Terraria 1.4.4 be enabled by default for players of Overhaul. This change also removes a 2-tick (33.33 milliseconds) use speed penalty from items that had its auto-reuse (auto-swing) forced on by Overhaul, as rebalancing has now been done in vanilla.
  • The ambience system has now been made fully data-driven, utilizing HJSON files for declaring ambience tracks. This changes nothing for users, but it's now easy to contribute expansions to the ambience module without a need to know any programming. Check out Content/Ambience/README.md if you're interested!
  • Slightly altered velocity-based tilting effects on player characters.



  • Completely rewrote blood particles for the sake of optimization, visible behavior being left mostly the same. The code is now data-oriented, no longer utilizes unnecessary object-oriented tooling such as inheritance, virtual calls, and needless references and reallocations, altogether minimizing stress on the Garbage Collector and maximizing CPU cache friendliness. This also introduces an upper limit to the amount of particles, currently set to 1024.
  • Optimized blood color recording by making it reuse collections using a pool, reducing GC stress from collection resizing. This is used by gibs during monster/NPC deaths to determine if gibs should bleed.
  • Improved performance of the implementation of the flood fill algorithm, which the mod uses mostly to analyze the player's surroundings for sound reverberation & wall-based occlusion.
  • Slightly improved performance of the implementation of the Bresenham Line algorithm, which the mod uses for block-based sound occlusion checking.


  • The aforementioned ForceAutoReuse penalty removal works around a compatibility bug in AFK's Pets that resulted in many items being used more than once. The real cause of that issue will be fixed by AFK's Pets authors.


  • Fixed issue #186 (Balloons not functioning).
  • Fixed issue #200 (Killing Blow Localizations are Outdated).
  • Fixed issue #201 (Large mod trees are cropped when falling).
  • Fixed issue #202 (Crystal Vile Shard projectiles stretch too far).
  • Fixed issue #206 (Dodgerolling while standing still will be biased to the right).
  • Fixed issue #211 (Player body rotation ruins minecarts).
  • Fixed recent TML changes resulting in characters preferring to face their movement direction instead of their aiming direction when using swords and other weapons.
  • Partially fixed issue #198 (Various problems with 1.4.4 sword changes):
    • Fixed the Volcano, Blood Butcherer, and a few other melee weapons using incorrect rotations & locations for their particle effects.
    • Fixed the following projectile-only swords not getting the broadsword overhaul: Night's Edge, Excalibur, True Excalibur, True Night's Edge, Terra Blade, The Horseman's Blade.
    • Fixed Blade of Grass and projectile-only swords being able to create projectiles during a power attack charge.
    • Fixed projectile-only swords not being fully aimable.
  • Fixed ambience sounds' instances having a position, and thus being subject to rather inadequate and irritating sound occlusion & low pass filtering.
  • Fixed a possible IndexOutOfRangeException in FloodFill method used by SurroundingsReverb.

5.0 BETA 13B


  • Fixed many broadswords not getting their item overhaul when Calamity is enabled.

5.0 BETA 13


  • Updated to support 1.4.4 Terraria and 2023 TModLoader.
  • Multiple features have been decoupled from "Item Overhauls", and will now appear on all fitting items in the game (including other mods' content), instead of only applying to thought-ahead categories of items ("shotguns", "bows", etc.):
    • Crosshairs - The aiming reticle, but a great feedback booster more importantly.
    • Visual Recoil - The slight offset in weapon's rotation after it's used.
    • Muzzleflashes - The weapons' fire breath.
    • Screen-shake - Self-explanatory.
  • Implemented an initial Archery Overhaul:
    • Bows can now again be manually charged using right click. This charge can be released at any time, scaling damage, knockback and projectile speed according to the charge progress.
    • Reintroduced arrow charging animations, improved much with fancy easing functions.
    • Introduced experimental (experimental means fun) "Hover-shots" - Start a bow charge while holding down the Jump button to hover over enemies. Release the string to receive double-jump-like recoil velocity.
    • Bows' primary use now has a short delay before firing. The after-firing use cooldown is shortened as a compensation, so this shouldn't affect DPS.
  • Implemented tree falling animations. Difference from 1.3 Terraria Overhaul versions are as follows:
    • Stumps are now automatically destroyed after a tree falls down. Toggleable.
    • Rendering is done with vanilla callsites, should be compatible with all mods' trees out of the box.
    • Particles from initial tile breakage are now seamlessly captured and released once the tree falls down.
    • Far more reliable and readable code, higher stability.
  • Implemented player character gore generation, powered by a dynamically textured gore system. This replaces vanilla's Mario-like "going off the screen" player death effect, allowing you to meet and mop up your old remains, as well as your friends'.
  • Weapon muzzleflashes are now automatically colored based on the shot projectile (or used ammunition).
  • Added two new alternated muzzleflash variations, and two frames of animation.
  • Reimplemented player/npc water/rain interactions, i.e. application of the wet debuff.
  • Players now face NPCs during dialogues.


  • Blood/Gel/Whatever particles' line lengths will now be rounded in rendering, with positions aligned to the pixel grid, appearing slightly more pixelated and low framerate, and preventing very thin lines forming at low velocity. They are still rotated however.
  • Crosshairs will now take "re-use delay" into account for their rotations.
  • Wooden arrow pieces will now be excepted from the "Gore Stay" feature, always disappearing in a short timespan.
  • Improved Magic Weapons' power attack charge screenshake.
  • Improved workarounds for FAudio's audio filtering issues:
    • Using uncommon audio configurations will now only disable Reverb and not Low Pass Filtering.
    • Reverb will now be disabled with unsupported audio device channel counts.
    • Ambience.EnableAudioEffects option replaced with .EnableReverb and .EnableLowPassFiltering.
  • Rewrote and rebalanced NPC stuns:
    • Melee weapons now apply 1 to 60 ticks (60 ticks == 1 second) of stun time depending on use speed.
    • Projectiles (+ spears, yoyos, etc.) now apply 1 to 20 ticks of stun time depending on their weapon's use speed, entity penetration, and hit cooldowns. Unlike previously, when all projectiles applied a fixed and useless stun time of 5 ticks.
    • Enemies now accumulate "stun penalties" with every hit, reducing each succeeding hit's stun time by a few ticks. Stun penalties are reset after the enemy has not been hit for 45 ticks.
    • These changes should keep stuns a reliable mechanic for diving into enemies in an in-and-out combat style, while preventing easy stun-locking of enemies and bosses that allowed people to receive no damage while standing still and holding the use button.
    • The red flash visual effect is no longer reduced in intensity for bosses.
  • Aimable weapons no longer show during NPC dialogues.


  • Fixed issue #177 (Explosives ignore knockback resistance).
  • Fixed issue #124 (Unable to pet cats & dogs).
  • Fixed issue #188 (Vanilla mining helmet light not appearing if PlayerVisuals.EnableAimableFlashlights is disabled.)
  • Fixed force applied to gores being biased towards the right, due to an incorrect linear interpolation function being used for velocity angles.
  • Fixed the Axe of Regrowth not getting the Axe item overhaul.


  • Fixed some cases of desynchronization within power attacks.


  • Crosshair impulse registration no longer causes any heap allocations.


Terraria Overhaul: Steam Workshop / Github Releases
tModLoader: Steam / Stable Releases / Preview Builds (Needs Account)


Steam Mod Installation:

  • Subscribe to the mod on Steam Workshop;
  • Enable it in Workshop -> Manage Mods.

Manual Mod Installation:

  • Extract the .tmod file from the zip's Stable folder into the following OS-specific directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%/Documents/My games/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
  • For Legacy 1.4.3 TML - use the -1.4.3-suffixed TML folder.
  • For Preview TML - use the -preview-suffixed TML folder.


Date: October 21, 2023
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods