Terraria Overhaul v5.0 BETA 14: the reconfiguring

HIII! The magnificent, long-awaited, foretold in legends, Overhaul's Configuration Update is now here for everyone to enjoy! Players will now be able to configure the mod in its entirety in-game via a very accessible user interface, complete with option descriptions, some image previews, and a handy search function! Not only that, but the screen even features video previews for some of the mod's features, making it also excellent for familiarizing oneself with what Overhaul has to offer. Special thanks to @justreq for taking big part in creating this interface!

Together with the GUI, almost 50 options have been added. We're only lacking a few more for 100% configurability, and that will be fixed in subsequent updates. Remember that the mod's GitHub is always open to contributions!

The new configuration features are also, as always, accompanied by general polishing & improvements, as well as important fixes. Most noteworthy are the changes to dodgerolls and the new ability to activate them some time into item usage. Movement features have also been tweaked, with "roll jumps" reworked to be less of a free speed gain and more of a situational utility.

See the full changelogs below.


5.0 BETA 14


  • Updated for newest TML, please make sure you're up to date!
  • Kirbyrocket's rendition of DM Dokuro's Chaos Elemental music track will now play with Overhaul's main menu theme.
  • Muffling (low-pass filtering) will now be applied to sounds located underwater. Previously it's only been applied if the local player is underwater.


  • Brand new configuration screen!
    (Thanks, @justreq!) Players will now be able to configure the mod in-game via a very accessible user interface, complete with option descriptions, some image previews, and a handy search function! Not only that, but the screen even features video previews for some of the mod's features, making it also excellent for familiarizing oneself with what Overhaul has to offer. Although most per-option previews are yet to be added.
  • Configuration files now use the .toml format instead of .json. It's a lot more human-friendly, and has a much simpler syntax. In addition to that, it also supports comments, so config entries' descriptions will now be included there.
  • Reorganized some existing options.
  • Added the following new options:
    Accessibility: EnableJumpInputBuffering.
    Ambience: EnableUnderwaterMuffling.
    Archery: EnableArcheryArrowVisualization, EnableBowSoundReplacements, EnableBowFiringDelays, EnableBowChargedShots, EnableBowChargeHovering, EnableBowHoverJumps, EnableArrowFragments.
    Balance: EnableDamageRandomizationRemoval, EnableHealthDropsRework, EnableManaDropsRework.
    BloodAndGore: EnableAdvancedParticles, EnableGoreAudio, EnableGoreBleeding, EnableGoreBurning, EnableGoreGibbing, EnableGorePhysics, EnablePlayerCharacterGore, ParticleMultiplierSafe, ParticleMultiplierViolent.
    Guns: EnableAlternateGunFiringModes, EnableBulletCasings, EnableBulletImpactAudio, EnableGunSoundReplacements, EnableMuzzleflashes, EnableMinigunRecoilHovering, EnableStarCannonRecoilHovering.
    Interface: EnableCrosshair, EnableCrosshairAnimations.
    Magic: EnableMagicSoundReplacements, EnableMagicPowerAttacks, EnableManaRegenerationRework, EnableManaRegenerationIcon.
    Melee: EnableAxeSoundReplacements, EnableBroadswordSoundReplacements, EnableHammerSoundReplacements, EnableImprovedMeleeCollision, EnablePickaxeSoundReplacements, EnableMeleeAttackAiming, EnableMeleeKillingBlows, EnableMeleeVelocityBasedDamage, EnableMeleeVelocityBasedDamageIcon.
    Movement: EnableDodgerolls, EnableDodgerollAudioCues, EnableRollJumps.
    Music: EnableBossDeathMusicStop.
    Visuals: EnableVisualWeaponRecoil.
  • Redesigned a half of the config backend, hopefully making it more robust in networking, filesystem operations, and error handling.


  • Fighter AI enemies will no longer leap at their targets if they're not facing them.
  • Dodgerolls can now be activated during an active item use animation or cooldown if the player is past its damage-dealing timeframe, and if at least 20 ticks (third of a second) have passed since the item usage was initiated. Feedback is welcome!
    (PR #221 by TimeSignMaid)
  • Enqueued dodgerolls will now prevent automatic weapons from being re-used, no longer requiring a release of the use button to trigger a dodge.
  • Active dodgerolls will no longer prevent usage of grappling hooks.
  • Jumping out of a dodgeroll no longer gives players insane horizontal speed, with it instead going down to the speed value you get when dodgerolling mid-air.
  • Rolljumps (also referred to as 'bunnyrolls'), which are performed by combining bunnyhops with a dodgeroll, now convert vertical/falling speed into horizontal speed. Jump from a-high and combine dodgerolling (which also reduces or nulls fall damage) with a jump to launch yourself horizontally.
  • Base bunnyhop effectivity has been much reduced. Utilize rolljumps & mantling to remain swift in early game.
  • Explosions now again affect large non-solid particles like smoke & dust (internally collisionless gores), excluding the ones they themselves produce. Shoot two rockets in a row and the second one will push away the first one's smoke.
  • Improved the underwater sound loop, previously it might've been getting muffled itself.
  • Reduced volume of jump/land footsteps, added pitch variance to every footstep sound.
  • Main menu buttons' localization text now loads immediately.


  • (!) Fixed ambience tracks as well as reverb & low-pass audio effects all not functioning in multiplayer. Has no one reported this???
  • Fixed stump cutting still being redirected upwards when tree falling animations are disabled.
  • Fixed a few broken keys in Italian localization.
  • Fixed an injection not working in Debug builds of TML.
  • Fixed combo breaking sounds still playing when Bunny Paw's cues are disabled.


  • Now compatible with HighFPSSupport out of the box, not requiring LimitCameraUpdateRate option to be set to false by the user.


Terraria Overhaul: Steam Workshop / Github Releases
tModLoader: Steam / Stable Releases / Preview Builds (Needs Account)


Steam Mod Installation:

  • Subscribe to the mod on Steam Workshop;
  • Enable it in Workshop -> Manage Mods.

Manual Mod Installation:

  • Extract the .tmod file from the zip's Stable folder into the following OS-specific directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%/Documents/My games/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
  • For Legacy 1.4.3 TML - use the -1.4.3-suffixed TML folder.
  • For Preview TML - use the -preview-suffixed TML folder.


Date: March 31, 2024
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods