Terraria Overhaul v5.0 BETA 11(F): R.I.P. mergedtesting

Hey! Straight to the point - this release marks the start of Overhaul 5.0 finally not being a pain to install. Since the previous post, and as promised in it, I've worked extra hard for many days to ensure that 1.4 tModLoader doesn't "launch" (go 'default' on steam -- that's today! hopefully! maybe tomorrow??? who knows!!! the TML team doesn't!!!) without the capabilities to run Overhaul on it. So, that's done, and Overhaul will now be published on Steam Workshop, with compatibility with both Stable and Preview TML versions! That's not all - I've also addressed some of the glaring issues that were found in the last beta (you did it! you've found multiplayer bugs!), added music pack & configuration buttons to main menu, and re-added the monster banner rework from 1.3.

(EDIT 2022.06.04: TModLoader 1.4 has now launched as the default! Post updated with 11B version, GitHub releases, and better instructions.)
(EDIT 2022.06.06: Version 11C added.)
(EDIT 2022.06.20: Version 11D added, with pretty important fixes.)
(EDIT 2022.06.30: Version 11E added, with a few also important fixes.)
(EDIT 2022.09.11: Version 11F added, with a ton of accumulated fixes, multiplayer config synchronization, and a few new config options.)



  • 1.4_soundfix has been merged and semi-polished, and 1.4_mergedtesting has been eliminated! Bugs such as sounds overlaying each other, and minecart friction killing ears, have now been fixed.

5.0 BETA 11F


  • (!) Implemented configuration synchronization. Behavior of the mod will no longer revert to default settings when playing in multiplayer, and will follow the server's configuration file instead.
  • PR #122 by clownwithnoname - Added config toggles for melee power attacks.
  • PR #128 by Tenrys - Added config options for new Melee Animations and Slash sprites.
  • Added PlayerVisuals.EnableAimableFlashlights config option.


  • Issues #151 and #147 - Excessive mana drops with worms & segmented enemies. Segmented (worm-like) enemies now drop mana at random segments. This is the issue that resulted in some Calamity-ish bosses not dropping loot bags.
  • Issue #123 - Texture2D failure crash (Chunks being created outside the world.)
  • Issue #118 - Driver & blood related world texture corruption.
  • Issue #143 - Wings not pulling you up instantly.
  • Issue #136 - Hooks have incorrect ranges and can launch players.
  • Issue #117 - Prevent hook "drifting" while moving horizontally.
  • Issue #110 - AlwaysShowAimableWeapons option not being clientsided.
  • Issue #149 - Config button may crash the game.
  • Fixed & improved audio filtering tests (unfortunately with assumptions.)
  • Fixed tool PvE hitchecks running after animation ended.
  • Fixed CanUseItem not being checked for power attacks. This slightly improves compatibility with modded content.
  • Fixed segmented enemies bleeding excessively.
  • Improved melee cooldown IL patches' stability.
  • Fixed mount rotations getting stuck, re-enabled tilting at half intensity.
  • Fixed killing blows applying to "projectile npcs".
  • Fixed somehow typo'd discord invite in main menu.
  • Try-catch for config FileSystemWatcher.

5.0 BETA 11E


  • Added PlayerMovement.EnableAutoJump config toggle.
  • Added PlayerMovement.EnableGrapplingHookPhysics config toggle.


  • Rewritten melee weapon range calculation functions, now way more accurate. This is a bugfix, but it does directly affect gameplay.. Probably a buff.


  • Fixed the mod not working on headless servers (you may need to be on preview TML until 1st of July.)
  • Fixed dedicated servers crashing on 29/30th June TML preview after a super recent fix for illegal operations not being reported.
  • Fixed many mod accessories that affect melee weapon size not doing so with Overhaul (Thanks, JaksonD!)

5.0 BETA 11D


  • Polished mana drops again. They will now be culled by the amount needed on per player basis.
  • Adjusted volume of some ambience tracks, made broadsword swings a bit quiter.
  • Changed Accessibility.ForceAutoReuse's netside to Both.


  • ❗❗❗ Fixed bosses sometimes not dropping their loot due to too many mana drops being spawned and overtaking all slots.
  • Fixed URL link opening issues. I fixed this through TML, so make sure it's up to date too.
  • Fixed #104 (Grapples don't release when tile is mined.)
  • Fixed ambience tracks getting stuck at low volume.
  • Fixed Brand of Inferno's right click behavior.
  • Fixed EnableProjectileSwordManaUsage option imperfections.

5.0 BETA 11C


  • Config files will now automatically reload when modified.
  • Added Accessibility.ForceAutoReuse config option.


  • Compatibility - Excluded ClickerClass items from ForceAutoReuse.


  • Issue #103 - Fixed looping sounds being louder than supposed to.
  • Issue #103 - Fixed ManaRegenerationSoundVolume setting not working.
  • Fixed the mod breaking in TML debug builds.
  • Avoid injection & lock in ChunkLighting - Potential workaround for extremely rare lighting-related freezing issues.
  • Fixed squirrel hooks not working on trees.

5.0 BETA 11B


  • Added EnableProjectileSwordManaUsage configuration toggle.
  • Spanish difficulty level translations (Thanks, Igmc!)
  • ru-RU grammar corrections (Thanks, Snoop1CattZ69!)
  • Included a small version of the icon, may be used by other mods.


  • Public Overhaul builds will now also be uploaded to Github releases.


  • Fixed spears & chain knives using mana.
  • Made main menu links preferably open in steam for now, due to some issues in Firefox & Process.Start's UseShellExecute.

5.0 BETA 11


  • Goodbye, MergedTesting. Overhaul no longer needs custom TML builds, and is now compatible with both 1.4-stable (soon to be default) and 1.4-preview Steam branches.
  • Overhaul is now out on Steam Workshop!


  • Reintroduced Monster Banner Rework from 1.3 Overhaul. The rework is the same as it was in 1.3, it replaces defense & damage bonuses with double loot & coin drops.
  • Configuration files now store last used mod version, so that resets like the above could be prevented in the future.
  • Added EnableAimingRecoil ConfigEntry, aiming recoil is now disabled by default due to instability and its experimental nature.
  • Added a Terraria Overhaul Music Pack getting/enabling button to main menu. Currently not ideal however, as Steam won't download this vanilla Terraria pack until you close TML. Also, doesn't do anything for GOG users. So I'll probably be upgrading this later.
  • Added a Configuration button to main menu. Currently, it just opens the Config.json file in whatever your default json editor is.


  • Fixed an issue with config files that resulted in screenshake strength and other floating point values to be zero by default. Because of this, configs will now be reset.
  • Issue #82 - Difficulty names go out of bounds in GUI - Fixed partially.
  • Issue #95 - Dodgeroll UI sounds are global in MP.
  • Fixed gun recoil being shared in MP.


Terraria Overhaul: Steam Workshop / Github Releases
tModLoader: Steam / Stable Releases / Preview Builds (Needs Account)


Steam Mod Installation:

  • Subscribe to the mod on Steam Workshop;
  • Enable it in Workshop -> Manage Mods.

Manual Mod Installation:

  • Extract the .tmod file from the zip's Stable folder into the following OS-specific directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%/Documents/My games/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/tModLoader/Mods
  • For Legacy 1.4.3 TML - use the -1.4.3-suffixed TML folder.
  • For Preview TML - use the -preview-suffixed TML folder.


Date: June 2, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods