Terraria Overhaul v5.0 BETA 10: with working netcode, and more stuff to do!

Hello there!
Today's beta update accumulates two new big features, 15+ bugfixes (including ones related to multiplayer stability) and many little touch-ups, in addition to updating TML, at which the team and I have been working quite hard in the past months. Multiplayer experience with this build should now be as good as vanilla's, I claim. So bring a buddy, prove me wrong.

Dodgerolls 2.0

In an effort to fix the lack of rhythm, risk, and depth in dodgerolls' usage, players will now be given two dodgeroll charges, with double cooldowns that trigger if a player uses up all charges. While this is still a buff for all players, this change now at least allows players to screw themselves if they fail with their timings, misjudge a situation, or allow themselves to panic.

In the future, it's possible to add accessories that give players even more charges (at the expense of something).. Probably will only happen via contributions.

Mana Regeneration Changes #9684

Have you ever noticed that sad sad vanilla feature, with which mana regeneration doubles when you stand still? Me neither, not until like 10 years after playing the game for the first time. Said feature suggests not only boring play, but also one that's utterly annoying. One weird day I had an idea - instead of removing or ignoring that feature, why not just do the complete opposite of it. Soo, now mages' base mana regeneration is multiplied up to 10 times based on the speed they're currently moving at. It's pretty fun. (Alt video link.)

Regardless of this addition, mana drops and potions are still there, with pickups left as reliable if not made more so, with default pickup range only being boosted, and enemies now also being able to accumulate mana from debuff-inflicted damage. And, not like mana pickups were working in multiplayer before, but now they do, and every player gets their personal drops.

In the future, mages may also get more movement strategies to support this feature

Progress towards Steam Workshop

As TML's 1.4 versions are about to become the default branch on Steam on June 1st, Overhaul closer than ever at no longer requiring custom TML builds (1.4_mergedtesting), with effectively only one branch/pull request left to be merged into the main branch, before the versions on Steam have everything that Overhaul needs. That one branch is 1.4_soundfix (Mod Sound Reimplementation), and I will be working on getting it done by June, starting tomorrow.

What's next?

The next betas will focus on:

  • Getting into Steam Workshop, duh.
  • Re-implementing Bows' charged shots. I also had an idea of making archers slightly hover when charging shots mid-air.
  • Polishing Axes and Hammers, and bringing back their bleeding and stun mechanics. Actually, I have a better idea for what to do with hammers.
  • Improving gunplay and ranged gameplay overall through making ammunition-based resource loops actually.. exist.
  • Re-implementing seasons, fires, emote wheels, quick action, etc.

That's all for now. Check out the changelog & downloads below.



  • Vastly improved! It's been 3+ months!
  • Save directories changed up. Mergedtesting TML will now use the 'Terraria/tModLoader-dev' directory instead of 'Terraria/ModLoader/Beta'.
  • 1.4_onspawn branch from 1.4_mergedtesting has been merged into main. This drastically increases your chances of getting Steam Workshop mods running on 1.4_mergedtesting TML (the one Overhaul currently uses.)
  • Only one mergedtesting branch is now preventing Overhaul's arrival on Steam Workshop! It may arrive there by June!
  • I've fixed a 1.4_mergedtesting (1.4_soundfix)-specific issue with various DD2, Don't Starve, and some new-ish enemies despawning when attempting to play sounds. You can now fight that Deerclops guy all you want.

5.0 BETA 10


  • Mana regeneration is now based on player speed. Complete with a beautiful indicator in the top left. The already present mana regeneration sounds compliment this too.
  • Added 4 configuration options related to low health, low mana, and mana regen effects.
  • Brand new logo by Zoomo & Donmor. I've also added some glowmasks to the one in main menu, so it looks better in dark.


  • Improved dodgerolls with twice the dodgerolls. Players now have two dodgeroll charges, for which polished indicators have been added. Using up all charges before they're restored penalizes players with a longer cooldown.
  • Weapons' power attacks' activation no longer requires a new button press, and it's all now auto-reusable.
  • Health & Mana drops now exist per-player in multiplayer.
  • Health drop rules updated. 2 hearts will now be dropped at >25% and <=33% player health, instead of just 3 drops getting replaced with 1 immediately after the player reaches health above 25%.
  • Statue-spawned enemies now drop health too.
  • Health and mana default pickup ranges increased:
    • 10.5 -> 11 blocks for health;
    • 12 -> 16 blocks for mana.
  • Large codebase quality improvements, once again. Is gud!


  • Fixed many multiplayer synchronization issues! Multiplayer experience should now be quite comfortable.
  • Issue #94 - Enemy mana drops don't accumulate from debuff damage.
  • Issue #92 - Add option to turn off the low hp sounds.
  • Issue #91 - Boomerangs have reversed knockback.
  • Issue #89 - Audio processing isn't always supported, and may crash the game.
  • Issue #84 - Gun muzzleflashes incorrectly account for Item.scale.
  • Issue #73 - Climbing while using Bunny Paw cause Player char stuck on jumping animation.
  • Issue #61 - ChildSafety enemy death particles can bleed.
  • Issue #59 - Can't sit, can't sleep (Thanks to JaksonD for the fix!)
  • Issue #57 - Enemies that spawn enemies on death spawn more than they should.
  • Issue #54 - Healing hearts and mana stars don't spawn in multiplayer.
  • Issue #53 - SDMG keeps muzzleflash after being fired.
  • Issue #50 - Sword power attacks not shown to other players.
  • Fixed chunk textures being loaded outside the main thread (that caused rare crashes.)
  • Fixed bullet/shell casings & arrow chunks turning into mist when the vanilla Blood & Gore option is turned off.
  • Fixed broadswords' killing blows' damage multipliers not making their way to multiplayer servers, causing "killed" enemies to come back.


  • Updated Chinese localization (Thanks, Cyril!)
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese localizations (Thanks, Pixelnando!)


TerrariaOverhaul (1.4 / v5.0-beta-10): MEGA
(Custom) tModLoader (1.4_mergedtesting / 3cef4e9): MEGA

  • Not an official tModLoader Release or Beta.
  • Always update tModLoader together with Overhaul.


tModLoader Installation:

  • Video Tutorial by Nikonade
  • Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder that is itself located next to Terraria. Example: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/tModLoader_1_4
  • To launch it, use start-tModLoader.bat. Or the .sh script, if you're on Linux or Mac.

Mod Installation:

  • Extract the .tmod file from the zip into the following OS-specific directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%/Documents/My games/Terraria/tModLoader-dev/Mods
    Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/tModLoader-dev/Mods
    Mac: ~/Library/Application support/Terraria/tModLoader-dev/Mods


Date: May 17, 2022
Tags: #TerrariaOverhaul, #Mods